Preimplantation Genetic Services (PGT)

Our laboratory offers preimplantation genetic testing (PGT) that allows to identify inheritable genetic diseases and/or chromosomal abnormalities already in the early phases of embryo development.

  • PGT-A for aneuploidies
    Couples who undergo an IVF cycle may require to be informed about the state of health of the embryos produced (Article 14, Italian Law No. 40/2004). In these cases, and depending on each specific indication, they can proceed with PGT-A to identify de novo abnormal number of chromosomes.

  • PGT-M for mendelian disorders
    Diagnosis of monogenic diseases in the embryo in presence of a specific mutation in the parental genome which predisposes to an increased risk of transmitting a genetic disease to the offspring.

  • PGT-R for rearrangement
    For people with a chromosomal rearrangement, PGT-R can be used to identify embryos that have the correct amount of genetic material (balanced) and embryos that have extra or missing genetic material as a result of the translocation or rearrangement (unbalanced) in order to improve the chance of establishing a healthy pregnancy.

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